About Exeter Apples

The Exeter area in South Devon has some wonderful varieties of apple with a rich heritage of farm orchards, nurseries and horticulturists. It is our aim to promote the virtues of these fine fruit, to prevent them from falling into obscurity.

In Devon, Common Ground estimate that 90% of orchards have disappeared since 1945. With the dramatic decline in traditional orchards, we have lost many local apple varieties - some are unique to one parish, or even one farm. The loss of one old orchard can mean the extinction of a variety - each a part of our local heritage.


To help drive interest in the unique apples of Exeter we have compiled detailed descriptions in our Exeter Online Pomona: Apples Associated with Exeter. This is an ongoing project, so if you have any further details to add or spot any mistakes please contact us. We are also exploring a number of other ways to improve the prospects for the future of Exeter's apple collection, primarily through engaging community events.

Apple Events around Exeter

Hope you enjoyed the Wassail down on Exeter's historic quay. Hopefully our new trees will have some spirit. There are more community Tree Planting events coming up, please see the Events page for more details.


Photo by Jo Salter of Exmouth © 2019